Translation is the process of transferring written text from one language into another. Actually, a good translation should read like an original work. I deliver cul­tur­ally rel­e­vant trans­la­tions that are as effec­tive and per­sua­sive as the original. With trans-language you’ll get your message across to your target audience.

A successful translation is one that conveys the explicit and implicit meaning of the source language into the target language as fully and accurately as possible. 

Competence in two languages is necessary but not sufficient for any translation task. Though the translator must be able to read and comprehend the source language and write comprehensibly in the target language, the translator must also be able to choose the equivalent expression in the target language that both fully conveys and best matches the meaning intended in the source language, which is referred to as congruity judgment. In addition to the ability to exercise congruity judgement, the translator must be able to successfully apply a translation methodology.

Furthermore, analytical and research skills as well as adeptness in using translation tools and resources allow the translator to proceed methodically and verify the appropriateness of the equivalents chosen.

In summary, a translator’s performance level depends on (1) his or her command of two languages, (2) his or her ability to exercise congruity judgment and apply a translation methodology, (3) familiarity with the cultural context of both languages, (4) extensive knowledge of terminology in specialized fields, and (5) the ability to finalize the product within time constraints and according to specifications.


I’m a certified translator and interpreter with ten years of experience and a degree in linguistics. I have a perfect command of the languages I work with and pay meticulous attention to accuracy and detail. I am also able to read between the lines and convey both the explicit and implicit meaning of the source language into the target language.

Whether it is a web­site, brochure or ad cam­paign, I deliver tar­geted trans­la­tions of the highest quality on time, on bud­get and on brand.

Every tran­slation is reviewed by at least one other translator who is a native speaker of the target language to assure accu­racy, cul­tural
rel­e­vance and linguistic excel­lence.


Tran­scre­ation is the cre­ative adap­ta­tion of mar­ket­ing, sales and
adver­tis­ing copy in the tar­get language. It involves chang­ing both words and mean­ing of the orig­i­nal copy while keep­ing the atti­tude and desired per­sua­sive effect.

The process of tran­scre­ation is more time-consuming and cre­ative than a direct trans­la­tion. I invest time to under­stand your brand, your style and com­mu­ni­ca­tion objec­tives and explore ways to best con­vey the mes­sage.

Every tran­scre­ation is reviewed by at least one other lin­guist and/or
copy­writer to assure accu­racy, cul­tural rel­e­vance and cre­ative
excel­lence. If applic­a­ble, I include options and back trans­la­tions. The end prod­uct is an adapted adver­tis­ing mes­sage that is as effec­tive and
per­sua­sive as the original.


I work with state-of-the-art software as well as up-to-date dictionaries
and reference material.

All of my translations are double checked by qualified colleagues and
native speakers of the respective target language to ensure
completeness and coherence, consistency and perfect style, accurate
grammar and orthography as well as the correct use of subject-specific

Please don’t hesitate to contact me so we can assess your needs.

I look forward to hearing from you!