Consecutive interpretation can be regarded as the classic form of interpreting, with the discourse being interpreted into the desired language as soon as the speaker has concluded, or at the end of passages within the speech, i.e. consecutively. When interpreting consecutively, interpreters use a system of abbreviations and symbols to take detailed notes during the speech. These systems are developed over time through a combination of training and experience. 

The interpreter listens to the speech and renders it in a different language once the speaker has concluded. Consecutive interpreters generally work with the aid of notes, which means that no simultaneous interpreting equipment is required.

Well-trained interpreters can render speeches of 15 minutes or more with great accuracy.

If the interpreting only takes place in one linguistic direction, this is known as unilateral consecutive interpreting. In unilateral consecutive interpreting, the individually interpreted passages usually tend to be longer.

Where the interpreter works in both directions within his or her language combination, this is called bilateral consecutive interpreting. The interpreter provides the interpreting from his or her mother tongue to the foreign language and vice versa. Bilateral consecutive interpreting allows two or more communicating partners to interact, as is the case with interviews or negotiations.


In these cases, the interpreted passages are generally shorter. Bilateral interpreting in a discussion or negotiating context is sometimes known as conversational or liaison interpreting.

Consecutive interpretation is commonly used in business meetings, negotiations, working lunches, field trips, speeches and addresses, training activities, press conferences, interviews, depositions, courtroom proceedings, witness testimonies, medical and job interviews or at events of political significance.

I am a certified consecutive interpreter (CCI) with more than seven years of interpreting experience. My profound education, extensive experience and constant intense training enable me to provide consecutive interpreting services of the highest quality. My working languages are German (A language), English (B), and Italian (C).

I will gladly lend you my voice to help make sure your guests will feel welcome, and your words will reach their target audience, so your negotiations or your next meeting will be a great success.

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