Whether it is a website or press release, a brochure or presentation, internal or external communication, or a translation, your copy should be clean and error free. With my proofreading and copyediting services, you will be in safe hands.



Proofreading services include checking for misspellings, typographical errors and punctuation mistakes. Proofreading is a final step in the editing process. If your manuscript has been reviewed and edited, it is ready for the final step of proofreading. This proofreading service will be applied to your work, ensuring a clean, error free result.



This service includes proofreading your work, correcting spelling errors, correcting wrong words, correcting typos, correcting grammatical errors, ensuring clarity and reworking sentences or complete sections without changing your unique style. All this is done with utmost accuracy, to the point and at a very economical rate.

are reviewed by at least one other translator who is a native speaker of the target language to assure accu­racy, cul­tural rel­e­vance, and linguistic excel­lence.

I use common proofreading tools and proofreaders’ marks as well as the proof-correction marks suggested by the German Institute for Standardization DIN 16511 (in print-outs).

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Rebekka Gruber

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Übersetzerin/Translator (IHK)


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